When you feel you can go no further, concentrate on taking just one more beautiful stride.

-Zuzana Gedeon

Zuzana was born and raised in Slovakia, where she participated in the revolution that overturned communist regime. She moved to America, had a successful career as mom and a software developer and then finished MFA in science and natural History Filmmaking in Bozeman. In her heart a Montanan. Her work has been screened in several festivals in Los Angeles, Paris and Prague. Zuzana now splits her time between Montana and LA, to pursue her directing career.

Portfolio of work

Contact: zuzanagedeon@zgeckoproductions.com
A little bit of scripted fun
Docu-moku-mentary on skiing, life, and everything
A personal story  with a science and death.
An illustrated guide to tango
A memoir in development because everyone does it.
Dance with a story